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From a teaching point of view, there is nothing that you can do in the classroom that you cannot do online. However, there are many things that you can do online that you cannot do in the classroom.

Michael Allen
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Online learning – what is it?

- Online learning makes use of new technologies; you need a computer and a fast access to the Internet.

- It is interactive.

- There is social contact with the course moderator and other participants; this is a very important part of online learning.

- Assignments are relevant and tailored to individuals.

- Feedback and helpful advice are given regularly – typically: results of quizzes are given immediately, questions are answered within 24 hours, and assignments graded within 5 days.

- It can be followed whenever the student has the time or the inclination

- It can be done anywhere where there is access to the Internet.

- It can be done in manageable amounts.

- It can be started just before the student needs the knowledge and skill in the workplace – in some instances

Essential elements of online learning

Some transfer of knowledge

– Basic concepts and theory can be presented as: 1) screen text, images, video and sound, 2) downloadable documents, video clips and presentations. Varying the types of media enables students to choose their preferred media. They can also: follow it at their own speed, follow any sequence, miss parts out, and replay it as many times as they like.

Text references

– Online material can be supplemented with references to books or wikipedia

Links to Company documents

– In some circumstances it avoids producing special training material. At the very least it teaches participants to find their way around documents that they should be referring to in their day-to-day activities.

Links to internet sites

– The potential course content includes the entire knowledge on the Internet. Students discovering new sites and registering links within the course are constantly enhancing the material for others.

Online and offline activities

– Consolidates the learning. Furthermore, activities carried out in the workplace, develop skills and provide evidence of competence. There is no place to hide on online courses – everyone must complete the assignments.

Reviews and testing of understanding

– Carried out frequently to: 1) give feedback to the student on how well they are doing, 2) help consolidate the knowledge, 3) correct any misunderstandings, 4) provide evidence of understanding.

Group participation and collaboration

– Students learn from each other (in addition to learning how to collaborate) and share ‘best practice’.

Social engagement

– Provided through forums, glossaries, and teleconferencing – this is a crucial part of online learning and, if done properly, is a major motivator.

Support and motivation

– A well designed online course will provide access to a course moderator who’s primary role is to help the student to learn. – dropout out rate is usually less with an online course.

Archiving assignments

– The course management system (CMS) enables participant’s assignments to be archived. This accumulation of material can then be used as reference material and corroborating evidence to demonstrate competence.


– Participants activities can be logged to monitor engagement and progress.

Online learning - what it is not

- Online learning is NOT computer based training i.e. where students work in isolation, navigating their way through endless boring slides with little or no feedback.

- Nor is it an exchange of numerous emails.

What is Moodle

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Course title Course start date Course end date Average time to complete course Cost (including VAT) Comments
Swiss cheese model primer Open Open 1.5 hr Free

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Sorry - currently not available due to major rework of site

Human behaviour primer Open Open 1.5 hr Free

Sorry - currently not available due to major rework of site

Investigation timeline primer Open Open 1.5 hr Free

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Sorry - currently not available due to major rework of site